Infusing Local Flavor to Events

When we hear the words “local flavor”, we often take it to mean letting attendees taste the local cuisine. However, we can go above and beyond just food in the name of creating a powerful event experience.

Local flavor means adding something unique to the location, something that they cannot have anywhere else. Aside from the food, you can add local culture, scenery, history, and more.

However, there are downsides to going local. Trying too hard could result in a bad experience for your audience, especially when they feel that they are being pushed too hard into the local scene. So try to keep the balance between inclusion and localization in your events

Here are some ways that local flavors will play a role in 2018’s events:


  • The local terrain will be part of the event’s attraction. Guided tours, dinners, receptions, and more will showcase the best of the event venue. We will see an increase in off-venue experiences.


  • Gifts and souvenirs will also carry a local flavor.


  • Event professionals will spend more time curating the best local experience for attendees. This will be done by offering travel guides, itineraries, “Best Of” guides, and more.


  • Event goers will have opportunities to share interesting local experiences, letting them give off a “wish you were here” vibe to non-attendees.